Tuesday, October 23, 2012

All that is good

Each morning I receive a daily meditation from the Center for Action and Contemplation. This morning's meditation made me think about my sermon this past week and the Book of Job; but mostly it made me realize how much we struggle with the "problem of evil." We rage and weep at injustice and suffering and how unfair life can be at times. Sometimes this is positive and moves us to action, but often we just feel overwhelmed and helpless.
But I think Richard Rohr makes a powerful point here when he writes:
"We have spent centuries of philosophy trying to solve “the problem of evil,” yet I believe the much more confounding and astounding issue is “the problem of good.” How do we account for so much gratuitous and sheer goodness in this world? Tackling this problem would achieve much better results."
What would happen if we began to focus more energy on "the problem of good" ? How might the world change, how might we be transformed if we let ourselves be overwhelmed with gratitude and thanksgiving and awe for all the good in this world? 
All that good--I think that is the true face of God.

(And if you are interested in reading more about and from Richard Rohr, as well as ordering this newest book, go to: www.cac.org )

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