Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday ponderings

It's Saturday morning and there is a thin veil of fog over the mountains outside my window. And it's Saturday...a great day for ice cream (actually, any day is a great day for ice cream!) I came across this photo that I took in the beautiful little city of St. David's in Wales. I think we ate ice cream every day in Wales (or at least made a serious effort to do so). The ice cream there is really the best I have ever had. Favorite flavor? Celtic Crunch of course!

I have errands to do today--can I really pray without ceasing picking out a range hood for our stove or finding a replacement battery for the little timer I use in meditation? We shall see.

Have had a lovely peaceful morning. Sermon is finished for this evening's 5 p.m. service (and tomorrow's 11 am service). I am hoping to connect with a college friend who will be in town today. Enjoyed (as always) reading Chet Raymo's blog this morning. Yesterday he wrote about poet Mary Oliver and today he wrote about the magnificent library in ancient Alexandria. No wonder I like his blog. You can check it out too--see the Chet Raymo Science Musings link on this page.

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