Friday, September 7, 2007

Last year on Iona...

Last September I was on the Island of Iona. One of the first days there, just as the day was moving towards sunset, there was a rain shower and then this amazing rainbow. I rushed up the stairs (I was staying at Bishops' House) grabbed my camera and raced down the stairs and out into the side yard that looks over the sound. Snap. One Iona rainbow captured to share with others. I'm planning a return trip to Iona in 2009. Want to come along?

This baptismal font is the one in the Iona Abbey. I think a blog titled REMEMBER YOUR BAPTISM needs at least one photo of a baptismal font (there will probably be more as I seem to photograph baptismal fonts wherever I go). This large font which stands at the entrance of the Abbey is beautifully carved. The legs (I hope this will show up on the blog) are quite green--no, it's not algae or mold--it's the beautiful green marble that was, until not so long ago, quarried on the island. Many of the stones you pick up on the beaches around Iona also have a very characteristic green tint or streaks of green through them.

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