Thursday, September 13, 2007

another font

I've had internet woes this week so haven't been able to post to this blog--or do anything on line. I am amazed at how crazed that makes me. Well, I'm back. Decided to share another baptismal font. This is from St. Mary's in Tenby, Wales. Quite ornate. There is a chain that goes through the top that lifts the house top off the font. The architecture of the font "house" is rather like much of the architecture in Tenby. I need to do a little reading to find out more about this. For now, just enjoy this beautifully carved font. A special touch is that the baptismal font sits right next to a little children's play and reading area in the back of the church. Didn't get to attend services here but hope to do that in the future. Tenby is the port where you set off for Caldey Island. More about that later. Peace to y'all.

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