Friday, January 6, 2012

If the Wise Men were from North Carolina...

Something light today to reveal and release a little laughter into the world.

This photo was posted on my friend David Umphlett's FACEBOOK page this morning with the heading,"..and the Wise Men said, 'Hi, Y'all!'". (David is the awesome priest at St. Mary's Episcopal Church in High Point, NC).

Actually, from where I'm from in North Carolina, they probably would have arrived and said, "Well, hey there!"

If you were to set out following a star, who would you ask to be your traveling companions? What three gifts would you offer? What would you say when you arrived?

Epiphany blessings to all!


cabinwoman said...

And to the offerings from NC. I would take the Monday group and would offer a haiku, gumbo and a good book.

cabinwoman said...

Forgot..I would be silent if I could.

Eryn Duffee-Braun said...

I would take a bongo drum for organizing the crowds, some Tevas for all that walking he's going to do, and a camera so he can capture those awesome views from the mountain top.

Tom E said...

I love love love this. I want one!

Mary said...

I am loving your blog entries! And I enjoy the witty quick responses. I am not quick nor witty, but want to enter into the mix, too. Here are my thoughts: I want to give Jesus my smile and my hand. My smile is a gift of joy and friendship. My hand is a gift of service and of relationship. My third gift is presence. I can’t give my smile nor my hand without being right there.
The art is delightful. The thing with tangible gifts is that we give them and then part. I don’t want to part.

But your question is pushing me to go to tangible gifts:
Hmmm…Give Him what I love. Okay, I want to give Him a hemlock tree and ask His special nurture for all hemlock trees. I want to give Him two mugs so He can share a cuppa with a friend. And I want to give him a cotton pashmina because of its versatile uses: a tablecloth, a wrap from the cold or the rain, shade from the glare of the sun, or folded to use as a pillow under his head. I’m sure He’ll think of more ways to use it. A body can travel lightly with a pashmina on hand!

Mary said...
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