Saturday, December 10, 2011

I see the moon...

Part of my morning prayers includes reading a poem. Right now I am reading the poetry of Lisel Mueller in her book ALIVE TOGETHER. The poem I read this morning is Eyes and Ears. I was very struck by these lines:

I don't think the sun bothers
with us; it is too full
of its own radiance. But the moon,
that silent all-night cruiser,
wants to connect with us noisy breathers
and lets itself into the house
to keep us awake.

I love this image of the moon letting itself into the house. And indeed, I know too well this moon that keeps us awake. In the past I have not felt like the moon is much of a friend--making sleep impossible when sleep is what I want so desperately. When the moon is supposed to be full, I draw the shades, pull the curtains tightly and dream-mutter, "Go away, you big bright moon" as I crawl into bed longing for the darkness that brings sleep. Upon reading this poem by Lisel Mueller I think I may need to work to make friends with this "all-night cruiser" and wonder where its radiance is drawing me.

This morning I went outside to see if I could see the lunar eclipse. The news reports say the moon will be "super sized and blood red." At this point, all I am seeing are clouds. I don't think the east coast is the best place to see the eclipse so I may have to just marvel at the photographs.

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