Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holy Advent, Bidden Blessings

The Advent Retreat ended today and all went on their way. It was a wonderful time together. I may post some of the meditations I wrote for the retreat a little later, but for now wanted to post some of the beaded prayer pockets that were created during the retreat. Danby Ludgate, friend and artist, guided us through the design, sewing and beading process. You pray as your create one of these and then you place a prayer inside the pocket. You can either sew the prayer pocket closed after placing the prayer inside or you can leave one side open so the prayer can be removed and read. These are created to give to someone or to use yourself for holding prayers. The diversity and beauty of what the women on this retreat created was astounding. These beaded blessings so reflect the diversity and the beauty of the women themselves.

Take a look...

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Tom E said...

These beaded pockets of blessings are so beautiful. Thanks Jeanne and thanks Danby and thanks to all the women who attended and created.