Friday, April 11, 2014

Blessing for Our Youth Missioners

A group of our middle school youth from the Cathedral will travel to Washington, DC for a service mission trip while our high school youth head to Irvine, Kentucky to serve. We offered this blessing for these youth and their adult companions at our worship service this past Sunday. We hold these groups in our prayers as they spend their spring break vacations serving others.


Good and gracious God, 
we give thanks for each one of these young people 
and the adults that journey with them 
as they prepare for their service work
in Washington, DC 
and in Irvine, Kentucky.

We give thanks 
that they are willing to take time out of their busy lives 
to share God’s love 
and to serve others. 

We give thanks for their families 
and for this community, their St. Paul’s Cathedral family 
who will hold them in prayer as they travel and work.

May they serve with joy and have fun in the process. 
May their faith be strengthened
and their hearts grow in love.
We ask your blessing upon the work they will do.

God’s blessing be upon all who are here this morning
and all who could not be here today.
God’s blessing be upon--

the High School Group:
Marti and Peter, their chaperones
and the youth that go to serve:
Anne, Beckie, Liz, Ian, Jake, Eli, Ben, Andrew, and Charles.

God’s blessing be upon 
the Middle School Group:
Jen and Keith, their chaperones
and the youth that go to serve:
Tessa, Ian, Emma, Allie, Izzi, Miles and Lucas

God’s blessing be upon you,
dear children of God,
this day and always.


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