Sunday, November 17, 2013

I love this image of squirrels playing leapfrog. It speaks well to how I feel right now--the need to leap over a lot of empty time on my blog.

It is what happens to my blogposts every year as Holy Week approaches. The truth is my blogposts usually dwindle…or come to a complete halt.  As a parish priest there are too many sermons to write, services to plan and all else that seems to join the whirlwind about that time in the liturgical year. Plus there is that need to stop and listen for the still, small voice.

So…I have delayed posting on my blog because of the obligation I felt to post the sermons I had written or preached but hadn't taken the time to post. I was in the midst of posting about writing an icon and then everything stopped.

So rather than try to catch up (I will one day get back to the icon process) and post months and months of sermons, I decided to take the advice given to me by a bishop about 6 years ago, " Just go forward."

Forward I go. Leaping over the empty months without a posting and going forward with joy.  I just posted the meditation I offered at our Diocesan Convention and will make an effort to post at least weekly now. If you're still hanging around my blog, thank you for waiting.

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