Saturday, November 19, 2011

The little sermon that wasn't...

Every so often I don't have to write a sermon. Now for some clergy at large churches, this is more the norm than the exception--when you have multiple clergy on staff, you usually take turns in the pulpit. But when you are the only clergy person in a parish, more likely than not you are writing a sermon every week. I don't really mind this. I love to write. I love to write sermons.

But every so often it is nice to have a break. Tomorrow will be one of those days--only this Sunday is much much better than just a "break." Donna Marie Todd will be at St. John's tomorrow and she will offer a story sermon. Donna Marie is a phenomenal storyteller that I met several years ago at the summer conference of the National Association of Biblical Storytellers.

This is the third year Donna Marie has come to St. John's. It's become a tradition really. Her warm, personable style of storytelling and her beautiful voice always remind us that we stand on holy ground--not just at or in the church, but in the world. An added delight is that Donna Marie brings a different musician with her each year. This year Will Straughan who plays steel slide guitar (dobro) will join Donna Marie. Will is part of the group Red June.

So I won't be posting a sermon for Christ the King Sunday but here's the contact info for Donna Marie Todd and also a link to a YouTube video of Will playing with Red June. We'll have a lot to be thankful for tomorrow at St. John's. Sometimes it's good for the usual preacher to take a seat and listen.

Here's her website:

Will playing with Red June at the Grey Eagle in Asheville.

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