Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I was wandering around Accent on Books on Merrimon Avenue in Asheville (an awesome independent bookstore that is just perfect for indoor wandering) and I had this gift card from CREDO just sitting on alert in my wallet. The truth is I don't NEED any more books. I don't think I will live long enough to read all the ones currently on my bookshelves (not to mention all the ones on the shelves at the Black Mountain Library) But....NEED and WANT are not kissing cousins. So there is this book by Adam Thomas--DIGITAL DISCIPLE: REAL CHRISTIANITY IN A VIRTUAL WORLD and I picked it up. I liked the cover (I have bought a lot of books because I like the cover--hats off to fine graphic design); I liked that it wasn't too long (133 pages)--I am all about short books for the summer months--plus I knew I had two library books on my desk at home; I discovered he had graduated from Virginia Theological Seminary (me, too!); and in reading a few paragraphs I quickly discovered Adam Thomas is funny! So yep! I bought DIGITAL DISCIPLE and just finished reading it today and definitely recommend it. It's a good read with good insights into the Tech world of today. He is self-revealing and almost painfully honest about the good, the bad and the ugly of technology. I agree with Adam Thomas that technology offers diverse new ways to communicate and reach new audiences--but the Tech also provides new ways to isolate ourselves. Balance. The age old spiritual quest. It's interesting to me that he ends the book with his suggestions for staying spiritually centered using two quite ancient spiritual practices--the Ignatian Examen and Lectio Divina. DIGITAL DISCIPLE's outlook is full of refreshing hope for the Church and Adam Thomas gets extra points for his very entertaining footnotes.


Vicki Hesse said...

I'm adding this book to my wish list!! Thanks for reviewing it, Jeanne. peace, Vicki

Adam said...

Hi Jeanne,
Thanks for reading my book! I hope you had as much fun reading the footnotes as I did writing them. Next time you are in that bookstore say thanks to them for me for carrying my book.

Many blessings,