Saturday, June 7, 2008


I am in Wales right now. Up in North Wales in the Snowdonia area. If I was more saavy I could post photos but words are all I have to offer right now....having an amazing time. Such a beautiful country. The landscape is spectacular and the people are incredibly kind and friendly.

I feel re-energized to complete the work for my degree program and also have made some great contacts for the pilgrimage in September. When I am here in this beautiful country, I think, "How could anyone be so crazy as to not come here?" My whole being is moved by the beauty and spirituality of this place.

Today I visited two churches I had never seen before. One was Rug Chapel near Corwen. The other was St. Collen's in Llangollen. The ceiling in Llangollen is beautifully carved--tradition thought it was taken from Valle Crucis Abbey (to hide/protect it during the Reformation/Dissolution of the abbeys). Later conservation/restoration seems to believe that it has always been in place here at this church.

Rug Chapel was built as a private chapel. The decorative painting inside is incredible. Built in the mid-17th century--very reminiscent of American Folk Art (or vice versa, I supppose).

Working on my Welsh pronunciation this trip. Finally feeling more confident about trying to at least pronounce place names and offer a few greetings. People are helpful.

Pondering what I might select as a dissertation topic but still have multiple papers to write before that...and miles to go before I sleep.

Tomorrow I head down to St. David's stopping at places along the way.


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