Tuesday, December 4, 2007


While we were in France, a friend and member of my parish was having surgery. Because I was not in Asheville to pray with her there, I lit a candle for her in each of the cathedrals we visited and prayed for her in all those places. When we returned home I was delighted to hear that her surgery had gone exceptionally well. Was it the candles that did it? No and yes. I think lighting a candle for someone or saying a prayer gives us a tangible means of sharing in God's healing work and God's love. I recently read an article by Curtis Almquist, Superior of SSJE, who wrote this about intercessory prayer(Cowley Magazine, Fall 2007):

"When we pray on behalf of another, we are not imploring God to begin some work and or initiate some intervention. Rather we acknowledge that it is God who is sharing what is already known to God, and we are responding to this invitation to cooperate with God's love." God's spirit calls us to join with God in offering our love in intercessory prayer and actions such as lighting a candle or adding them to a prayer list.

I remember kneeling by my bed at night as a child and saying my prayers and naming those I loved--Mama and Papa (my grandparents), Mommy, Daddy, Timmy, Polly, Sukoshi (our dog)...
I no longer kneel by my bed at night to say my prayers but perhaps i should begin that action once again.

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